Handmade Van Cleep with Crystal Swarovski


Welcome! I'm Paula one of the staff at handmade shop "Green Room" or Atelier Yuka in Nagoya City
This is my first blog that i ever wrote in my life about business, at first i really don't know how to start this blog but i have a lot, that i want to share to you about our very cute handmade shop. First, I would like to introduce to you our new handmade earrings, if you are looking to commission something beautiful, different & completely unique, or would like to breathe fresh life in to some van cleef jewels,then look no further.
In today's fashion blog post you will be able to see from elegant statement earrings, the stud earrings all the way to minimalist inspired modern earrings that accessorize any outfit in a very simple, but elegant and cool way.
jewelry is such an easy way to add a little sparkle, creativity, and elegant to your outfit. Even a basic tee shirt, jean cutoffs, and sandals can look put-together and cool with the right jewelry. While accessorizing with jewelry is fun, it's also way too easy to find yourself in an uninspired jewelry fashion.

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We have an event lessons every month in our shop, even beginners you can join us! No admission fee is required and you can participate as long as you want.
This is the event page
GreenRoom Atelier Yuka
TEL 052-737-6430
Business Hours:10:30~19:00 
Holiday:Monday-Tuesday- 2nd and fourth week of Sunday
465-0025 1-412 Kamiyashiro Meito-ku Nagoya-shi Aichi,
one minute walk from Kamiyashiro Station/one minute walk from "Meito bunka syogeki jyo" hall.
You can park your car at the back of the shop but only one car is available but if you can't, you can park at the COOP for free for only one hour.
┏Official Homepage http://atelier-yuka.jp
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youtubeyou can watch at the youtube about the flower lesson
L'ecrin flower blog
The "Green Room" is handmade and preserved flower shop .
The owner is a lot of qualification about flower preservation processing such as wedding bouquet or proposed flower.
Preserved flower are natural flower that have been processed to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or even years.
Please come and join us! Thank you!